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Bakers man performs a wide variety of work across a number of disciplines.  Check out some of our latest success stories, and if you want to know more, we'll be happy to take you for a deep dive of any of our creative or technical solutions. LAUNCH CASE STUDIES DATABASE  [Coming Soon]
                        is a custom digital solution provider with a singularfocus on serving our customers' needs and solving their problems using creativity & technology in the digital space.
Bakers Man is a custom digital solution provider with over two decades of experience, and deep entertainment roots.  Built less on a master plan, the origins of the company are organic, with a singular focus on serving our customers and solving their problems to the best of our ability. Along the way, we've become a media, creative, and technology enterprise with few contemporaries.  We are key suppliers to movie studios, networks, labels, game developers, publishers, major brands, universities, utilities and an expanding presence in a broad range of corporate vertical markets.
Media, Creative, and Technology Enterprise with few contemporaries.
Key supplier to:Movie Studios, TV Networks, Music Labels, Game Developers, Publishers, Major Brands, Universities, Public Utilities and an expanding presence in a broad range of corporate vertical markets.
WEB DEVELOPERBrian Woobrian.woo@bakersman.com
LEAD PRODUCERRachael Kartsonisrachael.kartsonis@bakersman.com310.897.6988
PRODUCER - TEAM DISNEY Brad Bradleybrad.bradley.-nd@disney.com
PRODUCTION & SUPPORTMia Araujomia.araujo@bakersman.com
PROGRAMMERWade DeCesarewade.decesare@bakersman.com
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CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERBarbara Kartsonisbarbara.kartsonis@bakersman.com310.880.6885
PRODUCER/PRODUCTION LEADErik Lundyerik.lundy@bakersman.com
CLIENT LIAISON & SALES LEADJoe Womblejoe.womble@bakersman.com
GM - IMAGE QUEST Terry Weckbaughterry.weckbaugh@bakersman.com
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PRODUCTIONSinatra Chansinatra.chan@bakersman.com
CREATIVE DIRECTORKhem Vongkhem.vong@bakersman.com
Corporate ManagementPaul Kartsonis, CEO Barbara Kartsonis, CFOTed Facciani, CTO
DIRECTOR - TEAM DISNEY Tracey Bergertracey.l.berger.-nd@disney.com
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