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for over thirty years

Custom Software is Exactly What You Need.

In Fact, it’s designed to be that way

The build vs. buy dilemna is as old as computing. At Bakers Man, we specialize in specialized, ‘configured to need’ software that provides the enterprise with what it needs to efficient, nimble and successful.

And if you’re not mobile,
you’re not connected.

You can’t afford not to be.

We are living in an age of unprecedented interconnectivity, and every piece of software that you are working on needs a mobile component. Without it, you are not in command of your information.

Areas of Specialty


Web Enabled Software

We’ve been developing enterprise custom, modular, web-enabled software for decades.



We are predominantly an ASP.NET shop, building N-Tier web apps and services.


Mobile Ready Apps

Mobile web, and discrete app development. iOS, Android and emerging technologies.



SQL databases are a foundation in virtually all our work. Complex data relationships are our sweet spot.


Data/Asset Centric

Data centric applications, with direct access to digital assets is a specialty or ours.


Cloud Computing

We are versed in the way of the Cloud, and we can quickly make you Amazon AWS ready.

Here’s some of our work



The centerpiece of physical and digital product detail for a major Hollywood studio, supports the most complicated packaged goods product on the planet. Full featured and extensible, this application has been in continuous, uninterrupted service for 15 years.



Retailer facing information and asset delivery platform keeps the industry informed and supplied with mission critical title and sku information.


Aggregated Digital Asset Management system that gave a central view to multiple siloed systems in a single interface.


TGIF Toolkit

Originally designed as a marketing material distribution platform, it grew into a information and project management hub that connected multiple departments within the company.

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