Web Enabled Applications

Our sweet spot has always been in complex data sets using web enabled applications. We’ve developed hundreds of custom back office and consumer facing tools, always configured specifically to need. 


Augmented Reality

By connecting real world views with data, images and animations we enhance our ability to access information. In association with our production and training unit we are pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, but feeding live data, and geolocation specific content.


System Integration

Integrating systems and developing for the gaps has been a consistent part of the value we bring to equation.  Web services, feeds, api’s or just dependable direct connections, we are the right choice to help get your tools talking to one another.


SQL Services

Relational datastructures are our bread and butter.  The more complex, the better.  We’ve cut our teeth on the most complicated packaged goods product on the planet, and we can data model and architect for extensibility.

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Bakers Man Technology Group specializes in developing data-driven web applications on Microsoft technology platforms with ASP.Net and SQL Server at its core.

BMTG has been developing data-driven ASP.Net applications since the first release of ASP.Net 1.0 in 2002 and, prior to the release of ASP.Net, has developed numerous applications in classic ASP. Additionally, members of the BMTG team have been working with SQL Server dating back to the Sybase/pre-Microsoft versions and all subsequent versions. 

Our applications are traditionally complex so we follow a standardized map in the development cycle including the employment of the following to ensure efficiency and elegance of design:

  • Architecture
  • Data Structure
  • ASP.NET Application

Over the course of developing hundreds of applications over several years we at BMTG have developed a standard, consistent architecture that has proven effective and reliable yet flexible enough to accommodate every scenario we have faced so far.

Based primarily on a 3-tier architecture, each level is further stratified to ensure consistency, reliability and portability. It is easiest to describe, and understand, the architecture by starting at the bottom-most data layer and working up through to the UI.

The foundation for any data-driven application is a solid data model. A logical data model is first developed to define the entities and relationships that capture the concepts and business rules of the application. From the logical model a physical data model is constructed that translates the entities and relationships into the most efficient and reliable set of tables, columns, keys and constraints.

All data access is via data providers conforming to the .Net Framework Provider Model. This includes not only access to the primary database, but also to any external data sources such as 3rd party web services, LDAP, or external databases. This provides both the flexibility of being able to support additional data sources if needed and also ensure a clean, consistent interface between the application code and the underlying data store.

The Team

Developing a sophisticated, data-driven, web application requires a variety of skills and experiences. All members of the BMTG development team have a wide range of skills and can fill multiple roles. In general, the tasks and team breaks down as follows:

Data Modeler / System Architect

Without the experience of developing data warehouse systems it is difficult to fully appreciate how the early decisions of a data model can affect the life-cycle of your data.

Our two lead architects have a combined experience of more than 45 years architecting Windows client applications, client-server applications, web applications, reporting and data warehouse systems. This includes extensive experience in both relational and dimensional data modeling. By combining all these experiences a well thought out data model and system design provides a solid foundation for the development of the application.

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Developer DBA

All stored procedures are created by developers experienced in writing efficient, robust sql code.

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Working from the data model, page designs and general architecture, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design techniques are applied to come up with the final set of classes, structures and UI objects to implement the application.

Graphic Artist / HTML Coder

Page comps and finished graphic images are developed by our dedicated graphic designers and turned into HTML by developers focused on producing standards-compliant XHTML layout and Style Sheets which are then turned over to the .Net developers.

ASP.Net Developer

The .Net development team works primarily in C#, but can easily work in VB as well. Their responsibilities breakdown generally as:

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Data Provider Developer

Working closely with the stored procedure developer the data provider and data manager components are developed.

UI Developer

Working from the finished HTML pages and the data access objects the final UI components are developed.

By having a standard process and design structure working on multiple projects is greatly simplified, and new developers can easily be integrated into the team and, once familiar with our structure, work on both new and old applications.

But this is an evolving process. With each new application brings new challenges and new technology. We are constantly striving to improve our techniques, build on what works, replace what doesn’t and incorporate current technology when and where appropriate.